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UNSOED Pharmacy Officially Opened

[, Thurs, 04/05/23] The Unsoed Pharmacy is officially opened, marked by tumpeng cutting, balloon release, and ribbon cutting ceremony by the Rector of Unsoed, Prof. Dr. Ir. Akhmad Sodiq, M. Sc., Agr., IPU, on Thursday (04/5). Unsoed Pharmacy is located on the 1st floor of the Integrated Academic Building.

Dr. Adi Indrayanto, S.E., M.Sc. as the Head of BPU Unsoed in his report said that the process of establishing as pharmacy started with the needs of the community and Unsoed’s internal. “For academics and the academic environment, Unsoed Pharmacy is a learning tool for Pharmacy Study Program students in developing competence. Besides the establishment of the Unsoed Pharmacy is a way for BPU to contribute to Unsoed through significant business and income,” he said.

The rector of Unsoed, Prof. Dr. Ir. Akhmad Sodiq, M.Sc., Agr., IPU in his speech said that Unsoed Pharmacy is an educational pharmacy and can be used as an accreditation requirement for Pharmacy study programs. “Services to the community must be a priority besides services to Pharmacy students and the Unsoed academic community. The development of Unsoed’s institutions, especially in the health sector, can be stimulated by the existence of this pharmacy, and BPU’s efforts to bridge the gap so that the market is not taken over by outsiders,” the Rector hoped.

The Unsoed Pharmacy Grand Opening event was attended by the Rector, The Vice Rectors, Deans, Bureau Heads, BPU Unit Coordinators, and representatives from the Faculty of Health Sciences.