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Unsoed Delegates Won Gold and Silver Medals at WSEEC 2023

[, Tue, 08/08/23] The students of Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) made another brilliant achievement at The 3rd World Science, Environment, and Engineering Competition (WSEEC) held on August 1-4, 2023 in Jakarta. Four delegates from Unsoed won 1 gold medal and 3 silver medals in the prestigious international competition.

The WSEEC 2023 competition, which was joined by universities from various countries, is an event for students to show their potential and innovation in science, environment, and engineering organized by IYSA (Indonesia Young Scientist Association). This year, WSRRC 2023 was attended by 237 teams from 22 countries. The success of the Unsoed team in this prestigious event further emphasizes Unsoed's reputation as an excellent institution in science and technology development.

The gold medal was won by a team consisting of Aulia Rizkillah (Agricultural Engineering 2021), Sri Wahyuni (Agricultural Engineering 2021), Meyda Putri Arfianita (Agricultural Engineering 2021), Awit Mulyaningtyas (Agricultural Engineering 2021), and Sunu Fadli (Agricultural Engineering 2021) by displaying the innovative work of "Development of Agricultural Waste Biopellets using Oil Coating Method Microparticles" under the guidance of Ropiudin, S.TP., M.Si.

The first silver medal was won by the team consisting of Adinda Cahya Putri, Hasmi Putri Anggarani, Gendis Prabawati Cahya, Kevin Yusufa Adhityo, and Vina Helmi Nur Istiqomah by displaying the innovative work of "Design of Solar Power Plant as A renewable Energy Source for Agricultural Irrigation in Rural Area using Homer Software" under the guidance of Ropiudin, S.TP., M.Si.

The second silver medal was won by the team consisting of Gadis Habibah Qurratun Aini, Rizal Khairul Ismail, Fandi Akbar, Ratna Fadila, and Isnaeni Nurul Agita by displaying the innovation of "Internet of Things on Agricultural Land for Irrigation Automatic Control Systems" under the guidance of Ropiudin, S.TP., M.Si.

The third silver medal was won by the team consisting of Heroldinho Arieveali (Chemistry 2021), Muhammad Haidar Yahya (Chemistry 2021), Haenadhia Treintanov (Chemistry 2022), Rena Rahma Yaniar (Chemistry 2022), and Uti Alya Manzilah (Chemistry 2022) by displaying their innovation work "Bioformulation of Slow Release Microbial Fertilizer Encapsulated by Nanosheet Zeolites Based on Molybdenum-Biochar Doped with Chitosan from Shrimp Shell Waste" under the guidance of Senny Widyaningsih, S. Si, M.Si.

With this achievement, Unsoed further asserts its position as one of the leading universities in Indonesia in producing graduates with high competence and competitiveness at the global level. The success of the Unsoed delegation team in winning gold and silver medals at WSEEC is an inspiration for all academicians to continue excelling and making a positive contribution to the development of science and technology in Indonesia and worldwide.