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Together with the Vice Regent and DLH, UNSOED B2W Declare the Action for a Million Bicycles

[Unsoed., June 6, 2022] The Banyumas Environment Service under the Ministry of Environment and Forestry together with the bicycle community carried out a ride with the title One Million Bikes One Indonesia in a series of commemorations of World Bicycle Day and 2022 Environment Day, starting at the Sitting Hall Banner and finishing at the Purwokerto Viewpoint, Sunday (5/6). The action of a million bicycles was attended by the Regent of Banyumas, represented by the Deputy Regent of Banyumas, Drs. H. Sadewo Tri Lastiono, Head of Banyumas Environmental Service Ir Junaidi MT, DLH, Head of B2W Purwokerto Nurul Hidayat (Dr.ENHA) and approximately 1000 participants from 60 Banyumas and Purwokerto Bicycle Communities. The event was also followed by planting trees around the Purwokerto View Tower.

Dr. ENHA who is also the head of B2W UNSOED and Lecturer of the Department of Informatics FT UNSOED stated that in commemoration of the 2022 Environment Day, he once again reminded all elements of society to care about the environment. “Our focus is on education, campaigns, advocacy, and social activities related to cycling. Therefore, in commemoration of World Environment Day 2022, we Indonesian Cycling Lovers from various circles, who care about environmental sustainability, agreed to issue the Manggala Declaration," said Nurul during the One Million Bike Action event which ended at the Purwokerto Pandang Tower, Sunday (5/6/2022).
He said that Indonesian Cycling Lovers agreed to, firstly, be committed to promoting the culture of cycling for daily activities and sports, in all sectors of life. "Secondly, we Indonesian Cycling Lovers also agree to work together with international, national, and regional cycling organizations, supported by the government's commitment to move towards realizing one Earth for the future," he said.

Thirdly, Indonesian Cycling Lovers are ready to participate in the realization of routes for cyclists, both at the center, provincial capitals, and in cities/districts throughout Indonesia. Also, promoting the establishment of special lanes for cyclists in the regions.
"Fourthly, we are also ready to synergize with environmental conservation programs, such as the Blue Sky Program, Clean River Program, Sustainable Beach, Indonesia Orderly Managing Waste, promoting Tourism Villages, as well as reforestation and other constructive activities," he said.
And for the fifth point, Dr. ENHA stated that Indonesian Cycling Lovers are also ready to be the pioneers of a culture of orderly cycling according to regulations and for an environmentally friendly Indonesia.
Nurul Hidayat said the activity was to remind the world that bicycles, which have been the manifesto of human civilization for almost 2 centuries, are a tool that can provide solutions in the midst of many problems.
"Our problems are health, traffic jams, air pollution, and last but not least, the fight against climate change," he explained. (ENHA)