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Higher education is like a comfortable home for knowledge to grow, develop, and give meaning to the world. It is in this house of knowledge that ideas are grown into works through learning and / or scientific research, always with the spirit to glorify life, advance civilization, and improve mankind’s welfare. Every work produced is a manifestation of a scientific journey so that it can be accounted for, taught, and even applied to life.

Research and development as well as innovation that springs up are the spirit that Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (UNSOED) has as one of the strengths to make the house of knowledge live and also give meaning to life.

Until today, UNSOED significantly has shown an increase in the quality and quantity of research with the support from national and international grants. The university also provides research grants funded by DIPA sources or PNBP UNSOED. All research schemes are certainly inseparable from UNSOED's vision, which is to be recognized by the world as a center of rural resource development and sustainable local wisdom. This vision is translated into the vision of LPPM UNSOED, which is to become a reference for the development of a prosperous independent village. For this reason, all researches in this university which portrays the Great Commander Jenderal Soedirman's struggle is expected to remain in that term.

UNSOED keeps striving to realize its vision through its superior fields. These superior fields are expected to produce research results that are beneficial to society. The seven superior fields are tropical biodiversity and bioprospecting; marine, coastal, and inland management; food, nutrition, and health; new and renewable energy; entrepreneurship, cooperation, micro & small-scale enterprise; social engineering, rural development, and community empowerment; as well as basic science and engineering. All researches which work in these seven fields are oriented to the development of rural resources and local wisdom.