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Gosip Sehat: Health Innovation Reaches Singapore International Event

Sefia Nur Laeli, a student of the Public Health Study Program 2022, Faculty of Health Sciences (FIKES) Unsoed won the best innovation delegation in the Indonesian Millennial of Change International 2023 event which is held periodically with YAE activities.

Sefia has been interested in health since she became a 2022 public health student. Several achievements that have been achieved at this time, encouraged Sefia to try to take part in the health innovation event on November 20-21, 2023 which began by uploading an essay with the topic GOSIP SEHAT (Healthy Service System Innovation Movement) as a form of health information system transformation. The idea for the innovation arose when Sefia studied the Health Information System course in Semester 3.

Armed with experiences in writing literary works to essays and KTI, Sefia made this event a golden opportunity to hone her potential. Sefia is known to have pursued writing or essay competitions since high school, starting from writing poetry to winning several awards in science writing.

Sefia's motivation to take part in the health innovation competition was to channel creative ideas that had previously received input when participating in previous essay competitions. The success of the event that Sefia participated in certainly received support from the Department and Faculty by providing direction from the supervisor and getting recommendations from the dean.