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Five People Register as UNSOED Rector Candidates for the 2022-2026 Period

[, Tue, 28 December 2021] Five Lecturers register as UNSOED Chancellor Candidates for the 2022-2026 Period. Presented by Chair of the UNSOED Chancellor Election Committee, Dr.Ir Isdy Sulistyo, DEA that until the closing of registration on Monday, December 27, 2021 at 16:00 WIB, a total of five people have registered for the Candidates for Chancellor. “The five people who signed up were Dr. Norman Arie Prayogo, S.Pi., M.Si, Prof.Ir. Totok Agung Dwi Haryanto, MP, Ph.D, Dr. V Prihananto, M.Si, Prof.Dr.Ade Maman Suherman, M.Sc, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Akhmad Sodiq, M.Sc.Agr," he said. After receiving the registration files from a total of five registrants, the Chancellor Selection Committee will then conduct an administrative selection in which a medical test will also be conducted as one of the registration requirements. "Later on, the results of the selection of the prospective Chancellor will be determined on January 7, 2022 through a closed Senate Meeting," he explained.

After the qualified candidates are announced on January 7, 2022, then the process of selecting the Chancellor will continue with the presentation of the Vision-Mission and work program of the Prospective Chancellors which will be carried out on January 20, 2022. “After that, it will be followed with the election of three Chancellor Candidates in the Closed Senate Meeting on the same date," explained Dr. isdy. These three Chancellors will be selected by the Senate and the Minister of Education and Technology, which is planned to be held in April 2022.