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FEB UNSOED student wins essay contest in Japan

[, Tue, 11/04/23] Student of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Unsoed, Abdallah Faqieh Hamdan Hariri won 1st place in the Japanese Essay Competition in Perfecture Kagawa, Japan. Faqieh, who is listed as a student of Bachelor of Accounting International Class FEB Unsoed, is joining the Double Degree program at Takamatsu University, Japan.

For his achievement, he also received an award from Takamatsu University. News of Faqieh's victory was included in the Takamatsu University website and media coverage in Japan. The total prize won is 50,000 Yen or equivalent to 5.5 million rupiah.

In the 19th Perfecture Kagawa Overseas Student Essay Contest, Faqieh competed with a number of foreign students from various countries. Faqieh wrote an essay titled "Korona shūsoku-go ni shitai koto" or in English "Things I want to do after the end of Corona".

The winner of the Essay Contest for international students residing in Kagawa Perfecture was announced on the 22nd day of the 1st month of the 5th reiwa year (Japanese calendar system) or January 22, 2023. During his stay in Japan, Faqieh's Japanese language skills improved very rapidly. Not only did his speaking skills improve, but his writing skills were also very good.

As stated by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs of FEB Unsoed, Istiqomah, Ph.D., "During his double degree study in Japan, Faqieh was able to improve his language skills very well". Even his speaking ability is like a native Japanese", he added. Of course, Faqieh's achievement made the big family of FEB and Unsoed proud.