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Collaborating with Practitioners, UNSOED Held Teaching Practitioners Program

[, Sel, 02/05/23] Unsoed Rector Prof.Dr.Ir Akhmad Sodiq M.Sc., Agr., IPU launched the 2nd Batch of Teaching Practitioners Program, on Tuesday (02/5). The launching, which coincided with the National Education Day, took place in the meeting room, the 1st floor of Unsoed rectorate building. The launching was attended by the Vice Rector, Head of LP3M Unsoed, the Deans, the Postgraduate Directors, the Heads of Institutions and Officials in Unsoed, Practitioners who attended either offline or online, the lecturers of the Unsoed Teaching Practitioner Program, Program Implementation Team, and attendees as well as invited guests.

Unsoed Rector Prof. Dr. Ir Akhmad Sodiq M.Sc., Agr., IPU., in his remarks said that one of the themes emphasized in the Minister of Education's remarks on this year's National Education Day was that, by having the policy of Independent Learning Independent Campus - Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka, students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and learning experience not only on campus, but also off campus. "The Teaching Practitioner Program is one form of acceleration carried out by the ministry to prepare for this.  Classroom lectures will be further enriched by practitioners as learning resources.  Students will benefit from two things from this collaboration: the strengthening of philosophy, theory and methodology from lecturers while gaining insight from practitioners who share their experiences," said the Rector.

The Rector revealed that this year Unsoed has gained the trust again from the Ministry for the Teaching Practitioner Program. While last year the number of collaboration classes is 23, this year it rose to 55 classes. This means that quantitatively, our performance in bringing professional practitioners to campus has increased, and it is also hopefully, in terms of  qualitatively too.  "Moreover, our performance in realizing collaboration classes has also increased, because learning process in the Teaching Practitioner Program will be designed to focus on Case Based or Project Based, so that the students can comprehend conceptual skills and at the same time are able to apply them in the context of the business world, industry and work," explained the Rector.

Dr. Zaroh Irayani S.Si., M.Si, the Coordinator of the 2nd Batch of Teaching Practitioner Program, said that out of 59 planned collaboration classes, 57 were successfully passed the selection. Of the 57 collaboration classes, 55 collaboration classes would be run with a 12-hour collaboration scheme with practitioners. The 55 collaboration classes were the contributions from 9 faculties and 19 study programs. The 55 collaboration classes involved 50 lecturers, and 61 practitioners from local and national institutions with medium, large and multinational scales.

"The implementation of the 55 collaboration classes is a contribution to the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (Indikator Kinerja Utama/IKU) 4 and 7, which is related to teaching practitioners and the development of group-based learning. This program for some collaboration classes has started from April 17, 2023, but will be fully started in early May and will end on June 30, 2023 according to the Unsoed academic calendar, "she said.

Dr. Zaroh hopes that with the spirit of collaboration, graduates’ competencies will be closer to the needs of industry and the world of work.