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Best UNSOED Wins 1st Place BMN Award 2022

[, Wed, 06/04/22] Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) continues to make achievements. This time at the 2022 BMN Award, Unsoed managed to become the 1st best in the Best BMN Management Optimization category. This award is given to work units that have implemented BMN management in the form of utilization and transfer of BMN to contribute to the state in the form of PNBP and optimizing the use of BMN in accordance with standard goods requirements (SBSK).

The status of Universitas Jenderal Sudirman (Unsoed) as a Public Service Agency (BLU) has a very large opportunity to optimize the management of its assets. The results of optimizing these assets can be a source of funds to improve the quality of Unsoed's education. So far, Unsoed has optimized asset management, especially idle assets that are optimized for institutional benefit and can become a Revenue Generate Unit (RGU) for non-tax state revenues (PNBP).

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The event was organized by the Purwokerto KPKNL. There are 5 (five) categories, namely the Best BMN Reporting Quality Category, Best BMN Management Optimization Category, Best Peer Collaboration Category, BMN Land Certificate Special Award, and Special PNBP Data Provider Award.