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4 Japanese Literature Students Exchange Student to Ibaraki University

[, Fri, 08/04/24] Four students from the Japanese Literature Study Program, Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Unsoed, left for Ibaraki University (IU) on Sunday (31/04/24). Their departure to IU is to carry out Student Exchange for 1 year, from April 2024-March 2025.

The four students are Dewi Irawati, Kaka Ziva Ardanis, Salsabilla Ariel Putri, Siti Zahira Nur'alimah, who are all 4th semester students. They have started the process of processing documents since the 3rd semester and finally managed to be accepted and passed to leave in the 4th semester. There, later they will continue the good footsteps of their seniors who have finished doing exchange students to Ibaraki University in the previous year.

Dewi said she was not too worried before departing for Japan. This is because their seniors who previously went to IU were very welcoming, providing information regarding things that need to be prepared and all kinds of things that need to be anticipated while they are there.

“I also feel calm, because many of my friends are currently also carrying out MBKM activities in Japan, and understand the ethics and ethos of the Japanese people, because they have learned this during lectures,” he said. 

The Exchange Student Program to Ibaraki University is an implementation of cooperation between FIB Unsoed and Ibaraki University. As a commitment to participate in implementing the MBKM policy, the S1 Japanese Literature study program provides facilities in the form of converting 40 credits of courses, for two semesters.