Five UNSOED Academician are among Best Indonesian Innovators of 2012

Perseverance in conducting original researches that benefit rural communities has put five Jenderal Soedirman University (UNSOED) academicians on the list of Best Indonesian Innovators of 2012. The list was created by Business Innovation Center (BIC) after selecting 270 proposals of various fields. It will be launched by the minister of science and technology on August 30th in Bandung.

The five Unsoed researchers and their works are: 1) Prof. Loekas Susanto, Ph.D (Bio P 60, an environment-friendly pesticide), 2) Dr. Rifda Naufalin (torch ginger as a natural preservative for food), 3) Dr. Hery Winarsi (soybean sprouts milk as healthy, low cholesterol milk), 4) Prof. Totok Agung, Ph.D  and 5) Prof. Dr. Suwarto (Aromatic dry-farm rice variants INPAGO-UNSOED1 and JSPGA-136).

Prof. Totok Agung, who is also the head of UNSOED Research & Community Service , said they won the title because their works are noted for their originality and benefit to rural development. “Unsoed has a lot of potential researchers but many are not informed about the award, hence no one made it in the previous lists.” Totok hoped that Unsoed researchers will have more confidence to join such competitions thus their works will gain national or international recognition.