Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Agriculture

The establishment of the Faculty of Agriculture was initiated by the Faculty of Agriculture Founding Committee, followed up by the Jenderal Sudirman University Foundation Trustees.  The Faculty of Agriculture was a part of Diponegoro University based on the Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science on 20 September 1962. Then based on the Decree of the President of Indonesia No. 195 dated 23 September 1963 and Ministerial Decree No. 153 PTIP November 25, 1963, the University of Jenderal Sudirman (UNSOED) was established with the Faculty of Agriculture as one of its faculties. At its inception, the Faculty of Agriculture consisted of two departments, namely Department of Agricultural Engineering and Department of Agricultural Socio-Economics. Since then Faculty of Agriculture UNSOED has been developing and is now the largest faculty in terms of the number of study programs.


Faculty of Agriculture UNSOED becomes a reliable institution for conducting education, researches and community services in agriculture, especially of dry land. The purposes of establishing the Faculty of Agriculture are, among others:

  • To produce graduates who have moral responsibility, nationalism, and self-reliance who can compete globally in developing science and technology.

  • To produce graduates who are able to develop science and technology relevant to the needs of national development.

  • To produce graduates who are able to apply and practice science and technology appropriately in accordance with community needs.

  • To produce graduates who have academic competence, professionalism and entrepreneurship, particularly in agriculture.




23 September 1963



A - B

Number of Students



Number of Lecturers








Dr. Achmad Iqbal, MSi.



  1. S1 – Agribusiness (accredited A)

  2. S1 – Agrotechnology (accredited  B)

  3. S1 – Agricultural Engineering (accredited  B)

  4. S1 – Food Science and Technology (accredited  B)

  5. D3 – Agribusiness (accredited  B)

  6. D3 – Land Resources Planning (accredited  B)



Jl. Dr. Soeparno

Grendeng Purwokerto

53122 Indonesia



+62 281 638791



+62 281









To make the Faculty of Biology the center of indigenous biological species development capable of solving problems existing in rural communities and environment in a sustainable manner.




  • To provide efficient education which produces graduates who posses moral responsibilities, competence in developing indigenous species and high competitiveness.

  • To conduct researches and disseminate the results to develop indigenous species to solve problems in rural communities and environment, which is oriented towards increasing the competitiveness of Indonesia.

  • To organize community service activities through the action reviews, the application of innovative and creative technologies, and to cooperate with stake holders, especially in the development of indigenous species that is able to solve the problems of rural communities and environment in a sustainable manner.