The Cultural Dialogue of LPPM UNSOED

Jenderal Soedirman University continues to prove its commitment in empowering the community and preserving local wisdom. UNSOED will never leave this vision as a global University behind as it continues to develop local wisdom. This time Regional Culture and Tourism Research Center and LPPM UNSOED held a talkshow for maintaining Banyumas Culture in LPPM UNSOED Building.

Jenderal Soedirman University is an institution that believes, that the modernisation does not mean leaving the existing local wisdom. Knowledge, science and technology without cultural grandeur, will only produce clever humans with no empathy. The statement was made by the Rector of UNSOED Prof. Edy Yuwono, Ph.D in his speech. "Culture gives us perspective, point of view, values and belief that enable us to see something not only from the black and white perspective. Culture gives us the opportunity to understand something that is not limited by mere artificial thing, but gives meaning to reality in context and specific, unique and different sociocultural understanding one with another”, added the Rector further.

This talkshow presented two speakers, culture observer Ahmad Tohari and the Banyumas Artist Titut Edy Purwanto. As a culture observer, Ahmad Tohari is not a stranger in Banyumas and Nationally. Moreover Ahmad Tohari has also gone internasional. The phenomenal work of the Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk Trilogy that was reprinted repeatedly is only one of the proofs of Ahmad Tohari's dedication in the world of culture. Not to mention the Banyumas language dictionary that he compiled is concrete proof of his efforts to conserve the culture.

Whereas, Titut Edy Purwanto is a bold Banyumas artist. Titut's courage is proven from his choice to conserve the cowongan culture by maintaining the content purity of the language which according to several people probably taboo enough to be discussed. But Titut, with the spirit of total conservation, was successful to bring cowongan to be known not only in the low community, but also in the world of higher education and overseas. The head of Puslitbudpar LPPM UNSOED, Dr. Rawuh Edy said, with this activity, at least the problems of developing art and culture in Banyumas Regency which has agricultural basis, started to be identified. When the atmosphere changed to become industrial, the alternative solution was with creativity how art can adapt to the industrial era without missing its identity

And UNSOED stays in line to conserve local wisdom. This university, will continue to develop until we go global, without leaving the cultural root. UNSOED, from the village to the world. Keep on going, never give up.




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